About Us

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Educate African Girls (EAG) is an initiative of Develop Africa - set up to give focus and attention to promoting the education of girls in Africa. All girls, regardless of the circumstances to which they were born, have the right to a quality education. A quality education provides the foundation for an individual to realize his or her dreams. It is belief of EAG that all girls have dreams; thus, EAG is providing girls in Africa the opportunity to live their dreams.

Why Girls?

Develop Africa (a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in USA) has a proven success rate establishing meaningful and sustainable development in Africa.   In keeping with our commitment to the security and growth of all Africa’s people our latest initiative, Educate African Girls, seeks to ensure that all girls receive the education they need to break the chains of poverty and create meaningful and lasting change in some of Africa’s most impoverished regions.

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