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Doing good is fashionable, cool, rewarding and ... will help your bottom line.  Consumers look favorably on businesses that are involved in promoting causes:
  • More than 9-in-10 moms want the opportunity to buy a product benefiting a cause
  • Forty-one percent of Americans say they have purchased a product in the past year because it was associated with a social or environmental cause (41%)
  • 88% say it is acceptable for companies to involve a cause or issue in their marketing;
  • 85% have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about; and,  
  • 80% are likely to switch brands, similar in price and quality, to one that supports a cause.

    2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study

Here are some specific ways that your company / organization can do good and get involved:
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Donations to General Fund or Specific Program Area
You can invest towards the general fund or to a specific program area of your choice.  You can donate a fraction of your revenues to Educate African Girls.  If you would like to make a direct donation, please email


Sponsorship Opportunities
See our sponsorship page for more information


Foundation Connections
You can help by recommending Educate African Girls for corporate funding.  Alternatively, you can help put us in touch with the key people within the foundation department.  We welcome an introduction to corporate foundations / groups that would like to support the ediucation of girls in Africa.  Please email us at


Employee Participation
You can help Educate African Girls through matching gift or payroll deduction programs. The company could offer to employees the option of having their payroll donations to Educate African Girls matched.  The employee woulfd then fill out the necessary forms with the human resources department.  If interested in setting this up, please email us at

Corporate Fundraisers
Individuals working in companies  / organizations of different sizes can run fundraising events to support one of Educate African Girls projects.  This is a great way to support the education of girls in Africa.
Other Areas
Should you have any other areas where you can help, feel free to contact us at