Help Ship School Supplies to Girls Eager to Learn

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At Develop Africa we have received a multitude of books and school supplies and we are so grateful for the outpouring of generosity that we have received. We have a problem though. These wonderful supplies are sitting in our corporate headquarters instead of in the hands of the kids that desperately need them. The reason is the expensive cost of shipping. Every dollar donated gets us one step closer to getting these supplies to the children in Africa.


Only 54% of enrolled girls in Sierra Leone successfully complete primary school. Families with limited funds to educate their children focus on sending their boys to school, and many girls who start school drop out because their parents cannot afford to continue to cover all the school-related costs. Each item on the back-to-school list (such as school supplies) is a potential added burden that could prevent a child from either attending school or benefiting in full from school.

This project will help to bring economic relief to families by providing free school supplies. Funds will cover the cost of shipping drums full of school books and supplies to help educate girls. These funds help girls to stay in school, complete their education and pursue their desired profession. Your support will help provide school books and supplies the girls need for their primary school class work.

Long-Term Impact

Healthy, well-educated and emancipated women are an excellent foundation for a new and free society. Your support will help the girls to continue / finish school, This is an important first step towards becoming independent and self-sufficient. Girls who complete their education are better equipped to pursue their dreams, increase their ability to be financially independent and contribute to national development.

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