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Hold or run your own Educate African Girls event!  This would be a great way to get involved, have fun and make a difference at the same time. Below are a few suggestions on things you can do.  If you raise funds through your event / experience, you can send in the amount raised here. After your event / experience. please share your story with Educate African Girls.  Let's inspire the world together!

  • Share Knowledge - Share what you know abour girls in Africa is a great way to raise awareness about Educate African Girls
  • Create custom greeting cards (Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Thank You etc.) that you can sell at your school / church / synagogue etc.
  • Organize a potluck where everyone will bring their own food and then raise money for Educate African Girls
  • Hold a craft sale and raise funds
  • Organize a benefit dinner or lunch
  • Eat ice cream or a special treat with your friends and share about Educate African Girls
  • Host an event at school and team up with other friends / school group and club to raise funds
  • Hold a birthday party and instead of gifts ask yor friends and family to donate towards Educate African Girls
  • Hold a fundraiser at your favorite restaurant
  • Hold a special competition / tournament and raise funds and awareness for Educate African Girls
Girls at event having fun