Computer Training Enhances Education and Broadens Opportunities

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Despite the obvious benefits to all levels of society, a huge technological gap exists throughout the African continent, disproportionately baring marginalized women and girls from opportunities to participate and succeed in today's world.

Educate Africans Girls' parent agency, Develop Africa, is committed to closing this unfortunate technology gap by providing basic computer and I.T. training and launching multi-purpose technology centers throughout Africa. Most recently, we launched a computer lab in partnership with the FAWE school, Sierra Leone to provide educational software and computer training to the school's 751 students.

How do we do it? Develop Africa works with a worldwide team of donors, financial collection coordinators and foundations to operate computer labs and hold I.T. training sessions throughout Western and Sub-Saharan Africa. We encourage you to join us in this important mission, through your support we can ensure that women and girls aren't left behind in today's technology driven world.