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We warmly welcome volunteers who will help promote or advance this great cause in various ways.  Your involvement will vary depending on your location, experience and time.

  • Promote our cause on social media sites:  Regularly add a link on whatever sites you are active on inviting your friends to become a part of this movement.  Invite them to "like" our facebook page.  You can also send an email to your friends telling them about this cause and inviting them to be a part.  We truly need all hands on deck.
  • Form a Support Group: You can start and run a support group.  This group could creatively find out ways of promoting the education of girls in Africa - in the form of petitions, fundraisers, inviting an outside speaker to a college / university to speak on this issue etc. 
  • Volunteer Time:  We welcome volunteers who are flexible, serious and just want to help.  If that is you, we can find a variety of tasks for you to do that will take about an hour a week.  We will need you to be flexible and committed.
  • Volunteer Management: We also need volunteers that are committed and responsible - that will be willing to respond to volunteer emails, assign tasks and follow up with volunteers.
  • Blog authors / Article Writers: We welcome people who can write creatively on related topics or just about any topic related to development in Africa.  We need your voice and your writing to help tell the world about this issue and bring appropriate attention to this cause.
  • Graphics Designers: Are you skilled with graphics design or drawing?  We need your skills to help us visibly and compellingly present our message.  Please send us your drawings.  We would love to talk to you about creating graphics, banners, designing t-shirts etc.
  • Video Editors / Creators: A picture is worth a thousand words.  A video is worth 10,000.  Please join our team creating captivating videos that tell a message and transport viewers.
  • Web / iPhone Developers: We welcome you and would appreciate your involvement.  We would like to further enhance this site, create games and apps that would engage and involve
  • Provide Computer Training in Africa: We are looking for people who will be willing to go and offer computer training in Africa for a 1-2 weeks.  We have access to a 15-seat computer lab running Ubuntu  and are looking for serious people who are willing to go on their own expense to offer training.
  • An area not stated: Is there something additional not stated hat you can help with?  We want to hear about it and we can surely benefit from your involvement.  Just be sure to tell us specifically how you can help and be willing to be flexible.